A mobile and website application, Pinterest enables individuals to compile, share, and store images. Users of Pinterest can create, design, and bookmark picture groups. These are called boards. These boards are made by users who can choose a page, an item, a web site, and the like. These can be pinned to a board that they just created or to a board that already exists. Users of Pinterest can save and share pins. These can come from varying sources of the boards like birthday parties, book writing, holidays, interior decoration, and vacation planning. You can create projects by utilizing boards. You can also do event coordination while saving data and images. Created by Ben Silbermann, Evan Sharp, and Paul Sciarra, Pinterest is funded by a small investor group, which includes entrepreneurs. This is run by Cold Brew Labs.

In order for you to have a pinterest.com login, all that is required of you is a device that has a connection to the Internet. In addition, you would need to have a web browser program as well (e.g., Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome)

One of the advantages to get a Pinterest login is that it may be accessed in a web browser. Moreover, you can use Pinterest tools to that you can pin pictures that were even just made that are of interest to you.

(1) Go to a web browser and go to the pinterest.com webpage found at www.pinterest.com. There are two ways to do a Pinterest sign in. The first way is to do it via Facebook. If you choose this route, click the button, “Continue with Facebook.” The other way to get a login is to type in your Email and Password. Then click the link, “Sign up.”

pinterest.com login

(2) The web page of what you will see will not look like it does on top. You must also keep in mind that there are occurrences when you would find another person’s www.pinterest.com login other than yours or what was shown in the previous picture. If this happens, you need to first sign out. Next, just reload the webpage. If what you are looking for still is not appearing on screen, you should just delete the cache, passwords, or cookies in the web browser program. When you still cannot find the brand new form, simply leave the browser program and access the Pinterest webpage using another browser program.

(3) If you decide to sign up with Pinterest using Facebook and clicked the hyperlink, “Continue with Facebook” a small pop up screen will show up, such as the second picture. Put in your Facebook dtails and click the hyperlink, “Log In.” So you have now connected your Facebook with your Pinterest account. Now you have a Pinterest account!


(4) However, if you want to have your very own Pinterest login and password, make sure that you already have plugged in your Pinterest details and click the hyperlink, “Sign up.” Now you have your own Pinterest account.

pinterest login

Once you have a Pinterest account and you need to pin images, first choose the image you want to pin. Next, click the button from Pinterest saying “Add +.” Then plug in the website address of the picture in the box. Afterwards, choose the picture to pin and position it on your board. Users of Pinterest can place a description in the pin and you can even share it on your social networking sites. Currently, other Pinterest users can click on the pin to search for a board wherein the picture is currently pinned it, who had previously pinned the picture, so where the origin of the pin is, and who have repined, liked, or commented on the picture. You could also have the choice of creating boards that are secret or private. This is the board that the user can only see in their account and no one else. You may also look for your friends when you have Twitter or Facebook accounts.

Interestingly enough, Pinterest is more popular with women. According to a 2012 study by Nielsen, the U.S.A. female audience in Pinterest occupies 70 percent of the space. A user of Pinterest usually spends about 90 minutes each month on the application in 2012. Pinterest’s most popular categories are home décor; food and drink; women’s apparel; crafts and DIY; and travel.

Users of Pinterest should keep in mind that the site keeps for itself real copies. These are not just image thumbnails or hyperlinks that are pinned. This policy has made some controversy on copyrights issues for photographer. Nevertheless, these Pinterest issues is not just for Pinterest.

Interestingly enough, Pinboards can also be utilized by teachers and professors in planning their lessons. Educators can pin web sites and refer to them later on. In addition, students can organize and pin for coordination of projects.